Hijrah House

The Hijrah House is a halfway house where recently released inmates, who have no family or financial means, can stay until they are able to support themselves. The purpose of Hijrah House is to transform the individuals into useful and contributing members of the society so that they do not end up back in prison.

Some Facts:

  • In year 2000, Virginians paid $25,000 per inmate to keep the inmates in the prisons. According to a study conducted by DOC, 27% of the inmates will return to prison within 2 months of their release. By keeping just one individual out of prison, the society will save $25,000 per year.

  • The inmates with support from the society or family are less likely to return to prison and be a burden on the society.

  • The best way to transform an inmate is to meet his/her faith needs. By meeting the faith needs of the inmates, the faith-based charities help bring peace and tranquility in the operation of the prison system.

Services provided by Hijrah House:

  • Provide free room & board to inmates just released form prison.

  • Help them become independent to get back on their feet.

  • Provide them with an atmosphere, where they can practice their faith

  • Link them with resources for job training, resume service and treatment.

  • Encourage and teach them to manage their finances.

  • Maintain a list of employers who hire ex-inmates for tax credit.

  • Assist them in transportation for job interviews and their first job.

  • After their successful transition, keep them engaged in the community.

  • Provide community and mentoring support for a successful integration into the society.

Before you apply to the Hijrah House, please read the document below.

4-Applying for Hijrah House - Read this First.pdf